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Can weight training help fight diabetes? What in the world is biokinematics? And how important is regeneration in making workouts successful? Answering all sorts of questions, both from existing and from prospective customers, is par for the course for professional fitness coaches. Scoring points by providing competent answers is a great way to build a solid customer loyalty foundation – be it at the gym or as a personal trainer. Reason enough for FIBO to launch the largest professional training event of the year in 2018, the FIBO Academy. From 13 to 15 April, studio managers, trainers, instructors and course executives won’t just learn about trendy workouts in real world-oriented master classes with leading international presenters, they’ll also get to study with the greats of the industry to deepen their training know-how and business expertise. Here are some highlights from the theory seminars.

HIIT, Tabata and Co.: Training know-how for the top fitness Trends

High-intensity interval training tops the American College of Sports Medicine’s 2018 list of global trends. In addition to offering a master class at the FIBO Academy, sports naturopath, fitness administrator and personal trainer Mathias Czermak will explain the theoretical underpinnings of HIIT and the Japanese variant Tabata. "Power through Steel" is the FIBO Academy’s way to celebrate the comeback of classic barbell training, which ranks among the Top Five global fitness trends this year. Oliver Caruso, the coach of the German national weightlifting team, will present the Big Five of strength workouts. Functional training is also on the lesson plan: among other things, participants will see best practices for standardised customer and athlete screening and learn how to integrate functional training into an existing studio. The faculty will include health expert and consultant Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel, sports scientists Eberhard Schlömmer and Hannes Thies, and personal fitness trainer Felix Bauer.

Prevention and regeneration: Training for health

Increasingly, fitness and health-conscious exercise go hand in hand: At the FIBO Academy, trainers can learn how to help athletes and customers of all generations with regeneration and injury prevention. Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University Cologne, for example, will talk about the significance of regeneration for training success. Renata Ago , professional director of the sports academy IWI in Budapest, will demonstrate how trainers can detect muscle and joint dysfunction and correct compensatory movements in order to prevent sports injuries or speed up rehabilitation. Applying her training programme, she in 2016 coached the Hungarian women’s water polo team all the way to the European Championship title and the fourth place at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kreutz , professor for fitness and health at IST University of Applied Sciences, will show how to design strength workouts to effectively lower blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus. And stress management through brain fitness will be the topic presented by Armin Hermann, a PE teacher, movement educator and the owner of GluckerKolleg.

Healthy nutrition: Everything trainers should know

Germany’s No. 1 vegan chef Attila Hildmann will give her talk "Vegan and Training" at the FIBO Academy. Sports physiotherapist and nutrition expert Barbara Klein will guide listeners through the jungle of nutritional myths. And nutrition scientist and ecotrophologist Dr. Christina Steinbach will explain "Why pan-fried potatoes make you slim" and reveal which of the current nutrition trends from low carb to low fat are suitable for athletes.

Push-ups for business success: Experts share their business Knowledge


How can I prevail against my competitors? That’s the question motivation coach and book author Joe Alexander answers in his "Business Samurai" programme, which centres on using perception, clarity and systematic action to come out on top in negotiations. The CEO of the Joe Alexander Entertainment Group has become famous for his off-the-wall stunts. A former German Taekwondo champion, he once smashed paving stones under water. Another time he caught arrows in mid-air – blindfolded. In addition, the Hamburg-native will present "Catch the Arrow" at the FIBO Academy, his business coaching concept based in large parts on risk assessment, self-reflection and inner balance.

Martin Pallaske will focus on legal issues. The lawyer will discuss how to resolve conflicts between gyms and customers or employees, how to design contracts between studios and members, and how to deal with the risks and opportunities that might arise for freelance trainers. The important topic of motivation will also be expertly illuminated at the FIBO Academy. The American fitness professional Dan Samek will introduce self-motivation options in his programme titled "The Real Learning". Plus, master trainer Alexandra Birkholz will point out how to motivate customers and course participants in "M3 – Magical Moments by Motivation".

FIBO Academy: Continuing Education Credits & Partners

Important for trainers, instructors, course executives and decision-makers: participants will be able to earn education credits recognised by selected associations and institutions. Technical support for the FIBO Academy programme is provided by a uniquely diverse group of training institutes and professional associations: IFAA – International Fitness Academy, the German Fitness and Aerobics Association (DFAV), GluckerKolleg, the Professional Association of Yoga Teachers in Germany (BDY), Perform Better, SAFS & BETA, IST-Bildungsinstitut, BECO aqua college, Pure Emotion, Transatlantic Fitness, Airex, Perform Better Europe and Zumba.

Participants can choose from three tickets

Participants can customise not just their own continuing education programme but also their access to the Academy: tickets are available to attend the Academy for one, two or all three days. One-day tickets are priced at €109 and include two days of free admission to FIBO. Two types of two-day tickets are available, offering access to the Academy on either Friday and Saturday or on Saturday and Sunday. Both are priced at €169 and include three days of trade show admission. Three-day tickets are valid for the entire duration of the Academy and include FIBO admission on all show days. They are priced at €189. All tickets are available at the FIBO ticket shop at www.fibo.com/en/academy.



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