In spring, there’s no better place for fitness enthusiasts to be than FIBO in Cologne. On 14 and 15 April 2018, the world’s largest trade show for fitness, wellness and health will put on display all the emerging trends: training devices and equipment for home gyms. New exercise and workout styles. Nutritional supplements for performance and a healthy lifestyle. Smart and cool sportswear. And last but not least: new wearables and apps. Everything can be tested right onsite. What’s more, FIBO offers a real challenge: a huge join-in programme with everything from aqua fitness to Zumba that will make you sweat even if you’re in great shape. And FIBO provides a boatload of information for those who might be interested in launching a career in the fitness sector.

Fitness equipment – this will definitely come!

When it comes to fitness equipment, natural movement and digital entertainment are two mega trends – and both can be experienced in Hall 6 at FIBO. For instance, bicycle ergometers are now able to lean into curves like road bikes. Rowing ergometers deliver an additional challenge by replicating the natural instability on the water. And treadmills are operated using nothing but muscle power or – even better – themselves generate electricity that can be fed into the grid. Digital technology helps to correctly perform exercises, both with gym equipment and home fitness equipment such as the digital training stick for the popular mobility workout. By now, playful virtual reality elements are being used even in in-home equipment like abdominal trainers to ensure entertainment and motivation. Also featured in Hall 9 will be new products for functional training, including a vest with built-in water tank to improve body stability, gymnastics rods for in-home CrossFit studios, and app-based live workouts and competition games.

Food – healthy nutrition is booming

What does a balanced and healthy diet look like? What additional needs do athletes have? What vitamins and minerals should be added through supplementation? Find answers to those questions in the new FIBO Cooking Area in Hall 10.2. In live sessions, a professional chef will present the healthy meals that should be a part of every diet plan. In addition, the Sports Nutrition exhibition segment in Hall 4.2 will feature manufacturers from across Europe, Asia, the US and New Zealand with the nutrition trends of the year: from protein drinks to collagen for cartilage protection to organic isotonic beverages to bars made from insect protein. For the first time, visitors will also be able to sample a non-alcoholic protein beer for a guiltless post-workout treat.

Fashion – how about some smarts?

Sports bras that measure the heart rate. Fitness T-shirts that optimise posture. And sports tights intended to prevent painful runner’s knee. All that will be available along the big shopping mile in Hall 4.2, plus stylish fitness apparel from such major brands as Puma, Reebok, Skechers, Freddy, Frenetic, Venice Beach, Benimble and YVETTE Sports Trends. Retailers Karstadt Sports and intersport will also bring famous brands to FIBO, including Under Armour, Adidas and Nike. Fashion inspiration will be on display on the FIBO Catwalk in the same area, where professional models and dancers will be staging the latest fitness fashion in an action-packed show.

Live experiences – FIBO’s join-in programme

Anyone who attends FIBO instantly becomes a part of a global fitness community. Group fitness fans, for example, meet in Hall 4.1 to try out the latest workouts together: the twerking-based twerXout is a real challenge for the legs and hips, while IFAA DAYO merges classic yoga elements with dance steps, and Olefit brings together fitness and flamenco. Those who are interested in using the advantages of water for their workouts can do so in the Aqua Fitness Pool in Hall 4.1, the site of a special programme on Saturday and Sunday morning. Don’t forget your swimsuit! For the first time, yoga fans will also get their money’s worth this year, with offerings ranging from mindfulness exercises to hatha yoga to vinyasa flow. Moreover, everyone’s invited to join the “STRONG by Zumba Training” in Hall 5.1 on Thursday. Here, visitors can compete with top Zumba trainers doing push ups, burpees, squats and planks. Participation is fee-based and requires advance online registration. 

One of FIBO’s major audience magnets is the stand of Team Alpha Bar, which offers calisthenics and street workout shows and competitions. On Saturday, 1vs1 freestyle battles are fought to determine the winners of the titles Barhero and Barheroine of FIBO 2018. A weighted competition will also be held. FIBO visitors can take advantage of a Big Calisthenics Area with open bars for everyone and a free daily workshop programme. Calisthenics experts stand ready at all times to share tips and advice.

Fitness jobs – get advice at FIBO

FIBO is also the right place for anyone interested in launching a career in the fitness sector. Numerous experts and forums offer tips, including the Personal Trainer and EMS Forums in Hall 5.2. The same hall also houses the New Business exhibition area for founders and prospective franchisees. This is the place to see the best practices of the exhibiting founders and young entrepreneurs and get some expert advice: for example at the stands of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the German Franchise Association and such franchise providers as Bodystreet, Buggyfit and Wax in the City.


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