The birth of “A New World Tourism” was launched today with supporters in 26 countries. The New Tourism initiative is s called Project Hope Travel.

Hashtag #projecthopetravel was established to share ideas, initiatives for tomorrow’s tourism. This is a public-private partnership to prepare for a new reality of the travel and tourism industry after COVID-19.

“There is a lot of love, passion and hope for tourism. Tourism the way we know it will be history, but if we play our cards well, it will emerge even better and more beautiful”, said Juergen Steinmetz, CO of the Travel News Group. He is also a founding member of this group.

Now is the time for everyone in this industry to take a seat on a virtual table and share ideas, projects and initiatives. Tourism is an industry of peace, and the chance for tourism to show this has never been better. Project Hope Travel provides this platform.

Current tourism leaders get a chance to share their ideas with those running and operating the industry. A new set of future movers and shakers is about to emerge to make tourism a more responsible, more beautiful and more profitable industry.

Project Hope Travel was launched to shape tomorrow’s tourism and help industry members to find resources and assist with a tough reality. Bringing some of the brightest minds in the global world of tourism together, putting them on one virtual table, and adding smart and dedicated people from all sectors and positions in the industry will create new synergy and. This is what Project Hope Travel wants to assist with.

Project Hope Travel was an initiative that emerged at a board meeting by the COVID-19 task force meeting of the African Tourism Board.

Co-Chair Alain St. Ange, former minister of tourism from Seychelles summarized it: “Hope for Africa and for the World at large is today so needed. But just hoping will not make a difference by itself. This is why I am thankful that a group of dedicated tourism professionals has joined together to not only initiate Project Hope Travel, but to also make time to steer it for the benefit of everyone in the world.”

Chairman Dr. Taleb Rifai, who was also the UNWTO Secretary-General reminded: “We all came out of Africa. In today’s world, I would like to believe that, the transformative power of travel and tourism, when well managed and utilized, is a cornerstone in establishing world peace and in turn a better world, for people and planet. Protecting our cultural and natural heritage, Empowering local communities. Breaking down stereotypes enabling us to experience, enjoy and celebrate the beauty of our rich cultural diversity. These are indeed some of tourism’s contributions to MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.”

Project Hope Travel already has the support of tourism ministers, top-level executives, and travel professionals working in all levels of the industry. At launch Project, Hope Travel has supporters in 26 countries and 5 continents. WTTC and the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre are among those on the virtual table.

ATB Chairman Cuthbert Ncube said: “As Africa is speaking with a united voice in curbing the scourge of the pandemic, this is an encouraging endeavour in a crisis that has driven the west and the east to shift their priorities. Together we will succeed and become stronger. Project Hope Travel is Africa’s contribution to the world of tourism.”

There is no charge to join the discussion and share initiatives. Everyone ready to participate is welcome.