The second edition of THAT'S MOBILITY, the event dedicated to electric mobility that took place from 25th to 26th September at MICO, the Milan Fair Convention Centre, closed with +43% and 2355 visitors, confirming itself as the guide to the debate on smart mobility in our country. 

Milan, 3rd October 2019 – Excellent results for the second edition of THAT'S MOBILITY, the Conference&Exhibition dedicated to electric mobility, organized by RX Global Italia in partnership with the Energy&Strategy Group of the School of Management of Milan Polytechnic that took place from 25th to 26th September 2019 at MICO, Convention Center of Fiera Milano, which has confirmed itself as a reference appointment and guide of the debate on smart mobility in our country.

THAT'S MOBILITY 2019, with a parterre of 54 companies/partners, has captured the interest of 2355 professional operators, registering a 43% increase compared to the first edition of 2018 (1645 attendances), of which 85% from the North, 10% from the Centre and 3% from the South and Islands, registering also a 2% of foreign professionals. A representative audience of all sectors involved in e-mobility: from the energy sector (34%), to the design and energy management sector (20%), from automotive to services and components (27%), from application and use areas (10%) to end with the world of research, universities and schools (8%).

Much appreciated was the large exhibition area where it was possible, between workshops, to get in touch with the key players in the sector to discover what of most innovative the market has to offer in terms of devices and charging systems, on-demand charging services, storage solutions, multi-utilities, leasing services, sharing and related accessories, and, of course, a showcase of cars, motorcycles, scooters, pedalassisted bicycles up to the new micro-mobility vehicles, and thus be able to develop new business contacts.

The second edition of THAT'S MOBILITY was opened, on 25th September 2019, in a crowded room, by the welcome of Massimiliano Pierini, Managing Director of RX Global Italy, followed by the valuable contributions of Marco Granelli, Assessor of Mobility and Public Works of the City of Milan, of Senator Gianni Girotto, President of the 10th Permanent Commission (Industry, Trade, Tourism) via skype, and of Umberto Bertelè, Professor Emeritus of the Polytechnic University of Milan, who commented on the Smart Mobility Report 2019 data, presented by Vittorio Chiesa, Director of the Energy&Strategy Group of the School of Management of the Polytechnic University of Milan. A Smart Mobility Report 2019, full of information and detailed analysis on the main macro-trends, which are reshaping the world of mobility towards smart mobility, from electrification to sharing mobility to Veichle–Grid Integration. In fact, going into the detail of the Italian scenario, a market that, although still a niche, presents growing data, emerges: 6000 pure electric cars sold in the first seven months of 2019, a thousand more than in 2018, with a growth of 113% on the same period of the previous year. A growth trend that could range from 2.5 to 7 million electric vehicles in Italy by 2030; a "basic" scenario, with new electric cars covering 30% of total registrations in 2030 (from 1.5% in 2020); a "moderate" one, in which already in 2025 they reach 23% and even 55% in 2030 (110 times the percentage of 2018), with 5.4 million electric cars representing 13% of the circulating fleet; an "accelerated" scenario with 7 million electric vehicles in circulation by 2030 and 65% of new electric registrations in the year, driven by full electric vehicles (85% of the mix). In all three scenarios, the "real" impact arrives towards 2025, consistent with what is expected in the PNIEC draft, followed by very strong growth between 2025 and 2030.  

The programme of THAT'S MOBILITY 2019 has alternated moments of general deepening with specifics moments of discussion and dialogue with companies, on some of the most significant aspects of the Smart Mobility Report, such as "Smart Mobility in Italy, a promising future: what factors to enable the "step change"? "Not only "electrification": from x-sharing to vehicle-grid integration, the expected role of Smart mobility for the country-system", to end with "Smart mobility, a new "paradigm" of mobility: what challenges for technology providers?”.

Crowded rooms and wide debates for the other events in the calendar that have ranged from electric mobility in the Public Administration, a special focus on the City of Milan and on the particular case history of the municipalities of Val Seriana, to Photovoltaics and Electric Mobility, beyond natural convergence, to the data of Mobilitaria - Europe 2030. Technologies and energy solutions for the decarbonisation of transport. At THAT'S MOBILITY there were also talks about Electric Mobility and new opportunities, with a comparison on the regulations of charging stations in flat complexes, on the new possibilities and future scenarios of the world of hotels and the nautical one, to finish with the Tesla Owners Italia Forum: the point of view of those who use the electric car every day and beyond. The closing of the works was entrusted to the presentation of the survey data, Mobilità alla Spina, (in collaboration with Fleet Magazine) dedicated to electric mobility within company fleets and Start City! (in collaboration with Nuova Energia), an investigation addressed at the general public to discover the most widespread metropolitan legends among potential users of the electric car.

"The goal of THAT'S MOBILIITY 2019 – says Massimiliano Pierini, Managing Director of RX Global Italy– is to connect companies producing technologies, solutions and services, with a qualified and interested public, with the intention of being able to create an annual and effective reference point, and, above all, to offer concrete ideas of business and debate for all the actors in a constantly growing supply chain."

 "The partnership with THAT'S MOBILITY, says Vittorio Chiesa, Director of the Energy&Strategy Group of the School of Management of the Polytechnic University of Milan, is proving to be an important stage in order to deepen, with specific appointments, the most significant results emerging from our annual Report."  

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