Over 450 key players and +13% of the occupied area. Thousands of products, technologies and applications, creativity at the umpteenth power to attract the future of visual communication. An appointment designed to mix style, ingenuity and technical skills of the big players in the market but also to learn new business recipes to improve business strategies and better meet the needs of customers.  

Milan 10th October 2019 – The attractions of creativity and business open their doors to the 31st edition of Viscom Italia 2019, scheduled from October 10th to 12th at fieramilano, pavilion 8/12. A workshop with an intense taste, to try out the most recent technologies, those applications hitherto unthinkable to customize and make products competitive and to taste new visual languages to communicate models and winning strategies.  

The event confirms itself for being an essential tool for companies to promote their activities and – for national and international professionals – a unique opportunity to learn about new solutions and updates, to deal with successful testimonials and to rethink their business strategies.  

More than 450 key players and +13% of the occupied area are the record numbers of the 2019 edition. It is among the booths of the Milan show that companies dictate the latest trends in visual communication. The exhibition area in the pavilion 8/12 will present the entire supply chain: Large Format Digital Printing - Signs – Sign Making – Screen printing – Pad printing- Textile Promotion - Embroidery - Engraving - Milling - Laser - Digital Signage – Labelling – Packaging - P.O.S - Event Services.  

From this year, Viscom Italia launches Digital Innovation Area, a new exhibition space where visitors can experiment and deepen through a workshop programme the graphics and design software to enhance and create new languages and visual communication projects. Participating companies: Adobe, Callas, Eizo, Extensis, Pico, Studio361, TAGA. 

To relaunch new communication messages and ideas for reflection, the exhibition has confirmed the collaboration with the most important associations in the field such as: Aiap for graphic designers, Aifil for signage, Aicap for signs, urban furniture and itinerant advertising, Anacs for billboards, ALA-Assoarchitetti for the architecture world, Finco for product industries, service facilities and construction and maintenance works.  

Viscom Italia visitors coming to Milan will find a dense program of attractions including meetings, debates and live appointments. 

Viscom Talks, made with the scientific coordination of Personalive, is a dissemination observatory designed to delve into the hot topics revolving around the market. Meetings and debates with testimonials and professionals who have written their own rules, defied established truths and created new paths of growth. The meetings schedule covers several themes: from photographic aesthetic developments for the construction of new on and off line advertisement campaigns, to new technological approaches to turn an idea into a design product.  


We will discover visual creations illustrated and told between reality and imagination, we will take an exploratory journey between print and augmented reality. We will talk about the versatility of the crystal used to redesign interior design and visual merchandising, about exhibition design and more and more sustainable POP Display, about how to make t-shirts that become a successful brand and about the countless applications and trends derived from eco-leather for the fashion, interior design and automotive markets. We will learn the secrets that entrepreneurs must know in order to grow their companies in a market that is evolving, to enhance their brands and grow their business through Instagram stories and we will figure out which are the opportunities for businesses to leverage communities, to develop marketing actions and business strategies.   

Visitors looking for a unique experience will be able to consider a new exciting event and become the protagonists of ViscomLand, the first entertainment park made with visual communication solutions. Visitors will be able to experience moving technologies, original materials and solutions, understand the different stages of creating and producing objects, wrapped, printed, engraved, screen-printed products and finally try a live quiz to deepen their knowledge of the market.   

DIVA - Display Italia Viscom Award – which is coming back, has been made in collaboration with Display Italia magazine and Comieco's patronage - the most important international competition that rewards creativity and innovation of display solutions for stores. Designers, creative agencies, P.O.S materials producers will compete with their displays in the following categories: durable and non-durable display solutions, digital signage devices, packaging, vending, retail design and shop fitting. A jury of communication experts and your vote will decide the future winners of the DIVA 2019 competition! 

Elementaria will be presented this year as well. It was created in collaboration with Display Italia magazine. The exhibition that highlights the hi-design prototypes born to present the most creative display solutions dedicated to the world of Travel&Retal. Internationally renowned designers and artists join raw materials manufacturing companies to propose display projects, which will launch the future trends for retail and brand industry.  

Viscom Italia has launched a new podcasts program to tell the interesting evolutions of the visual communication market. Viscom Radio was born as a platform for questions and answers to share and increase knowledge in our industry, a way to connect with experts who participate through quality content. The podcasts, published on Spreaker and Spotify, will focus on different themes from design to retail, from architecture to marketing strategies, from technologies to more innovative applications, up to personal experiences of the most interesting voices in the communication landscape.


To create a professional online community delivering content on the trends of the target market is the mission of our social pages: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Viscom Italia addresses its audience to influence and promote, with energy and creativity, all visual communication languages and trends around the world.  

Finally, our business portal www.viscomitalia.it is the virtual space to raise awareness and present our exhibitors’ news, stay up-to-date on the exhibition events program and create the right network to stay updated all year long.  


Viscom Italia is a trademark of RX Global, the world’s leading organiser of trade and consumer exhibitions, special events and conferences managing over 500 events in 30 countries with an overall attendance figure of more than 7 million participants in 2018. RX Global has 38 branches worldwide serving 43 industry segments. RX Global is part of RELX Group plc, the leading provider of professional information and workflow solutions in the business sector.  

For information:

Viscom Italia Press Office Manager – Nicola Mirizio – M. +39 02 435170.61 – nicola.mirizio@reedexpo.it