As a marketing director, how do you respond to a challenge so great that it forces you to change the very shape of your business model and your organisation?

Roxana Gil was recently named Marketing Director for RX Global Latam, a single and unified team for Latin America, providing greater competitive advantages across the region and specifically in Brazil and Mexico.

When Covid hit the exhibitions industry, preventing the holding of face to face events, we were quick to react, moving our events online wherever possible, and reorganising our business to enable a more agile and expert response to the fast moving situation” says Roxana.

“Resilience, flexibility and the power to transform are qualities shared by all our people, not just our leaders” she explains. “As a company we do not fear change, we are willing to embrace new things, and this has been key to enabling us to come forward with a different model, and to start looking at new alternatives to push our business.

One of the most ambitious projects undertaken by RX Global was to adapt their face-to-face events to a digital and hybrid format. “To continue to satisfy our customer needs we had to transform the way we connect our communities through virtual business platforms. Our company vision hasn’t changed with Covid and remains a true marketer’s dream ‒ to create relationships that transform business. That is what we are continuing to do ‒ connecting people – only right now we are doing it differently.”

Counterintuitively, says Roxana, remote working has strengthened relations between her own team. “It is making us see that we are so much more than the person that comes to work in the morning and works 9 to 5 at the office. It is making us more insightful as human beings and I love that.”

Throughout the pandemic, RX Global’ global offices have been working much more closely to find new marketing solutions and opportunities, face common challenges together and emerge stronger.

“We are connecting different hubs and using our learnings from different countries to maximize our efforts” says Roxana. “The recent creation of our LATAM hub is an excellent example of how this is being brought to life.”

Reflecting on RX Global Latam’s future marketing strategy Roxana says: “I am looking forward to creating a very solid data driven marketing team that always puts our consumers and our customers at its core. We must look towards our people and what they need, and design our products around exactly that. We want to offer solutions that make us the No. 1 choice for our customers, and keep us there.”

Roxana is excited about building Reed Exhibition’s presence in the region. “Until recently, we have not had a very high profile in Mexico which is a shame because globally we are so big and well known.  I dream of putting us on the map, winning customer loyalty for our events, and making Reed a company that people are proud to be associated with. A company that people look at and say ‘Yeah, I want to be a part of what Reed does, every time’”.