Discover RX

Why RX

Growing a business is changing and so are we. As our customers look for greater opportunity and access for all, we are leading the way by digitally transforming our business to creatively elevate the power of face to face, so RX will always be the best place for customers to build their businesses and continually grow.

We know face to face relationships, access to markets and data, digital platforms and innovation and ethical practices are what matter most to our customers.

Turning occasional touch-points in to continual connections, and using our experience in building communities and creating environments for events to curate entire eco-systems for business.

Improving your

event experience 

From lead generation and capture to performance analysis and competitor insights, our digital innovation is bringing event marketing and measurement into the 21st century. 

The most successful trade show exhibitors focus on four key goals – promoting their company and products to attendees; attracting buyers to their stand; efficiently capturing and qualifying leads; and analysing their performance with a view to improving business. Digital and data innovation at RX is firmly fixed on improving these key outcomes.   

Net Zero

by 2040

We own and organise exhibitions and events around the world, creating jobs, supporting local economies and helping to build diverse and sustainable businesses of all sizes. We are mindful of the environmental impact our business has, which is why we are focusing on reducing carbon emissions and minimising waste at our shows.