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We have a long-standing code of ethics and an Inclusion & Diversity policy. We actively support the many programmes and initiatives across RELX, and since 2020 we have made concrete commitments to directly impact our I&D growth, globally. Open to everyone, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), foster a creative and innovative culture that improves networking, communication, personal development and inclusion throughout the company.

Our $1M pledge to racial equity

In January 2021, we pledged to donate $1M over the next five years to selected not-for-profit partners around the world who are working to improve inclusivity and diversity in their local communities by supporting social change, fighting injustice and fostering development.

Our Global
Inclusion & Diversity Committees

Our Global Inclusion & Diversity Committees help drive RX’s achievement of our Inclusion Goals around Race & Ethnicity, Gender Equity, LGBTQIA+ and Gender Identity, Disability, and Age Diversity. Committee members meet monthly to organize, execute, and oversee programs that are designed to drive equitable practices for people in underrepresented communities, both internally (colleagues) and externally (job candidates, vendors, customers), and to support people in underrepresented diversity dimensions in the communities in which we live and where our company operates.

The RX Enabled Committee is open to all colleagues around the globe, regardless of disability status, and is currently comprised of colleagues from France, UAE, UK, and USA. The group meets monthly and plans programming to help advance our disability inclusion goals. The primary focus of the group over the past year was to raise awareness and create safety around conversations related to disability and consulting the business around employee and customer policies and practices related to disability inclusion.

Highlights of work of the RX Enabled Committee include:

Launched the “Help Me to Help You” campaign, featuring the compelling, personal story of the journey of our former Global Executive Sponsor for RX Enabled, Merilyne Davies, navigating her career and her own disability

Formed the RELX Executive Enabled Committee, bringing Disability executive sponsors from across RELX together to collaborate on important programming, including consulting around the disability component of the Voluntary Self-Identification initiative

Hosted an awareness event, “Magic for All – Making Our Events Accessible”, featuring guest speaker, Austin Whitney, President and Founder of Ten Fifty Entertainment, the leading provider of Accessibility and Guest Service programs in the USA. Austin shared his expertise on accessible events and easy-to-apply practical tips and takeaways for our events. Topics included: the importance of accessible events and removing stigma around disability, health and safety, legal requirements, commercial impact, digital accessibility, use of language and disability etiquette, and importance of adaptability.

RX led a two-part RELX event honoring International Day for Persons with Disabilities in 2022: “How to Create a Safe and Welcoming Work Environment for People with Disabilities” on November 29, and “How to Make Meetings Accessible for People with Disabilities” on December 1.

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The Global Pride Committee is open to all colleagues around the globe, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and is currently comprised of colleagues from France, South Africa, UK, and USA. The group meets monthly and plans programming to help advance our LGBTQIA+ inclusion goals. The primary focus of the group over the past year was to sponsor awareness events to promote LGBTQIA+ allyship, increasing our inclusive brand exposure and hiring from the LGBTQIA+ community, and consulting the business around employee policies and practices related to LGBTQIA+ equity.

Highlights of work of the GPC include:

Produced a Pride Month awareness event to promote Trans and Non-Binary awareness: Fireside Chat, “Living and Working as a Member of the Trans Community”, with special guests, Rachel Reese and Emma Cusdin from Global Butterflies, moderated by Marzena Budek, Pride Lead – All-In UK ERG

Co-Chaired organization of RELX’s participation in the 50th London Pride March

Orchestrated our membership with myGwork, an LGBTQIA+ networking platform, with activities including:

6 RX I&D articles created on myGwork, with 37,127 views

4,533 myGwork user click-throughs to RX I&D related articles on LinkedIn

11,624 job views and 670 clicks on apply from myGwork users

Simon Mayle, Event Director – PROUD Experiences, was featured panelist in myGwork LGBTQIA+ travel event

The Global Pride Committee is conducting an internal assessment, using the United Nations Human Rights benchmarking to help identify priorities for 2023 and beyond. Our colleagues will be featured in articles being published in DIVA and Attitude magazines, in collaboration with our sibling company, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and we will sponsor two education and awareness events in 2023, including “Unlearn to Rethink” during June Pride Month. We will expand our engagement with myGwork to continue to increase our inclusive brand exposure and hiring from the Community through myGwork member benefits, including campaigns, feature articles, speaking engagements, and tracking applicants from myGwork job site.

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Our representation of employees in the USA who identify as minority ethnicities grew from 20.8% YE 2021 to 22.3% YE 2022. The GREC focuses on three key pillars for RX:1.  Employee Education2. Growing Representation3.  Impacting Communities

The GREC Has Managed All Due Diligence And Directed RX’s Pledge To Donate $1 Million Over The Course Of Five Years To Select Global Not-For-Profits Committed To Growing Racial Equity In Communities That RX Serves. The Committee Has Directed Funds And Managed Relationships With Our Nine Global Not-For-Profit Partners in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, UK and the US. 

The GREC holds these organizations accountable for properly directing funds and leverages our relationships with them to produce an annual Global Race Forum, a 90-minute learning session, open to all RELX employees, featuring speakers and students impacted by our funding. Our February 2023 session, on the topic of Growing Racial Equality Through Education, was attended by over 300 colleagues, and is available on-demand, with captions in nine different languages.

The GREC has also introduced these not-for-profit partners to our local ERG Leaders and supports their ongoing engagement with our employees. The All-In Brazil ERG, for example, has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with ADUS Institute, where a Nigerian refugee is now teaching English lessons in our Sao Paulo office to a group of our colleagues.

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The Global Gender Equity Committee is open to all colleagues around the globe, regardless of gender identity, and is currently comprised of colleagues from Brazil, France, Mexico, UAE, UK, and USA. The group meets monthly and plans programming to help advance our gender equity inclusion goals. The primary focus of the group over the past year was to promote gender equity through information and education, supporting gender equity ERG launches, and consulting the business around employee policies and practices related to gender equity.

Highlights of work of the GGEC include:

Bringing the need for standard Anti-Harassment Policies for our shows to the forefront. Clearly stated policies are being implemented across our events in the Americas, and broader implementation will continue over the coming months.

In September 2022, the GGEC supported the launch of our newest ERG, RX France Women Connected! The launch was attended by more than 70 RX France colleagues, with guests that included the Chairs from other RELX Women Connected chapters in France.

In October 2022, the GGEC launched a Menopause Awareness campaign in partnership with LexisNexis Risk Solutions. The launch included global communications to all RX employees to raise awareness of menopause and to connect colleagues with valuable online tools for providing an inclusive and supportive working environment for everyone, and to foster an environment in which colleagues can openly and comfortably initiate conversations or engage in discussions about menopause.

In January 2023, the GGEC hosted an event, Why Men Win at Work, with author Gill Whitty-Collins. The event was attended by over 400 colleagues across RX and is available for employee viewing on-demand.

The Global Gender Equity Committee will continue to support and connect our Gender ERGs, including new launches on the horizon. The group will also drive the launch of a new RX Sponsorship Program in 2023 to help enable the movement of high potential women through the organization.

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Female RXer at London Pride holding a sign saying 'You are our pride'
Photo of a man at World Travel Market posing next to a traditional African sculpture
A group of four RXers posing together from different cultures
Three RXers from our RX India office posing together

Our Employee
Resource Groups

ERGs are grassroots volunteer groups of employees in local markets, who share common interests, with a vital role in ensuring an inclusive environment where all are valued, included, and empowered to succeed. Our local ERG members share perspectives and gain insights about one another and the workplace and enable DEI&B strategy by fostering an inclusive workplace. RX has grown from 1 ERG in 2019 to 10 active ERGs!


Americas Employee Resource Groups

All-In Brazil (est. 2021)
All-In Mexico (est. 2022)
African Ancestry Network (AAN), USA (est. 2020)
Pride, USA (est. 2019)
Women Connected, USA (est. 2021)

Europe Employee Resource Groups

All-In UK (est. 2022)
 Women Connected, France (est. 2022)

APAC Employee Resource Groups

EQU-al-ITY (gender equity), Australia (est. 2021)
First Nations, Australia (est. 2021)
Rainbow Network/Pride, Australia (est. 2021)

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"When building a strong culture of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Belonging, it is really important that we put the right foundations in place. We have introduced unconscious bias training for anyone who leads a team of people, and we've formed Global I&D committees representing various diversity dimensions, but our immediate priority is to build our network of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs give everyone in RX a voice, and also an opportunity. People who are stepping into these volunteering roles are building amazing skills by running and supporting these groups, and teaching us so much about who we are, and where we may be falling short."

Ray Rhodes,  
Global Director for Inclusion and Diversity