Our planet matters.

At RX, we're dedicated to enriching the world through a focus on sustainability, fostering innovation, and offering support to our local communities.

Net Zero by 2040

At RX we are serious about sustainability, which is why we signed the ‘Net Zero Carbon Events’ pledge in 2021 and have formed a dedicated Sustainability Council. 

By 2030, we aim to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and hit net zero by 2040! Dive into our sustainability roadmap guiding our journey to achieving net zero emissions.

Embarking on a sustainable journey

Discover our journey towards a sustainable future in our latest magazine feature, where we unravel a series of inspiring stories that echo our commitment to the environment. Join us as we explore innovative approaches and celebrate the milestones that mark our dedication to preserving the planet.

"I’m motivated by knowing that we are going to have lasting, positive change for our industry and planet. Every day I am inspired by the people I work with – the engagement, the creativity, the adaptability, the innovation. Working together, I am super excited about the impact we will have."

Helen Sheppard, Global Sustainability Director

Did you know...

The National Hardware Show (NHS) took a bold step into sustainability, ditching paper for a sleek digital directory, sporting eco-friendly signage, and rolling out smart badges for seamless digital exchanges.

The Arabian Travel Market in Dubai has kicked off an exciting initiative: The Sustainable Stand Award! This award shines a spotlight on exhibitors who are making a real difference by minimizing the environmental impact of their exhibition stands. It's a brilliant move to inspire others to follow suit and take action towards sustainability.

Dive into a world of sustainability at the Functional Fabric Fair! With a rule that pushes exhibitors to use at least 50% recycled materials and sustainable booth designs that cut costs and carbon footprints, it's not just an event—it's a movement.

Our Batimat event has put in a major logistical plan to encourage some 5,000 visitors to use trains and buses organised by the event.

In 2023 we are switching our lanyards to a plant-based alternative using 70% less emissions.

Fenasucro & Agrocana 2023 was powered entriely by sugarcane! 

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Since bursting onto the scene in 2017, the Sustainability Zone at In-cosmetics Global has seen explosive growth, skyrocketing to 40+ exhibitors, and it's not stopping there—with even bigger plans for 2024. Discover an interactive showcase of the latest sustainable ingredients and technologies, complemented by a dynamic conference programme designed to inspire.