Giving back to our communities

The RX way.

What is RX Cares?

RELX Cares is our global community programme which supports employee volunteering and charitable giving that makes a positive impact on society. As part of the programme everyone within RX gets two full days paid leave each year to dedicate to their own community work.

Last year, 32% of RELX employees engaged in volunteering through RELX Cares (compared to an average volunteering rate of 8% for all sectors, according to Business for Societal Impact data). Together we contributed £20.6m to charities, encompassing cash, products, services and employee time ‒ but the benefits work both ways. 90% of RELX volunteers surveyed in 2021 said their motivation and pride in the company had increased as a result of volunteering, and 75% said their team spirit had increased as a result.

Giving back

We are excited to showcase just a few of the incredible ways our dedicated RXers have been positively impacting the lives of those who are in need. Their unwavering commitment to helping others is truly inspiring.

56,000 Hours

Donated to charities globally on behalf of RX employees

8,000 Days

RXers can take 24 hours of time to donate to a charity

Supplier Diversity

At RX, we are committed to proactive engagement with suppliers to ensure our supply chain reflects the diversity of our communities. 
The RX Supplier Diversity Programme has been launched to identify and qualify minority-owned and or minority operated suppliers and to encourage diverse supplier inclusion in all our sourcing processes.

If you are a minority-owned diverse business interested in working with us at RX, please register here.