What a

We own and organise exhibitions and events around the world, creating jobs, supporting local economies and helping to build diverse and sustainable businesses of all sizes. We are mindful of the environmental impact our business has, which is why we are focusing on reducing carbon emissions and minimising waste at our shows.

Our Goal

At RX we are serious about sustainability, which is why we have formed a dedicated Sustainability Council and we align with the science to limit climate change beyond 1.5 degrees. By 2030, we aim to cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half and achieve net zero by 2040 and we’ve already made a good start!

The greenhouse gas emissions associated with a show is complex involving a range of diverse stakeholders from suppliers to customers. We need to tackle climate change together. Only by coming together as an industry can we achieve the necessary reductions in.


Our journey has already started, we are already making changes to the way we work.