‘Big Book’ goes digital, to the delight of Gift Fairs customers


Covid has accelerated many digital developments across RX Global, including Australia’s decision to move Reed Gift Fairs’ biannual Big Book to a digital format, dramatically increasing its readership among Australia retailers.

Reed Gift Fairs’ Big Book is a highly valued buyers’ guide for the Australian gift and homewares sector.  When the team cancelled the 2020 edition of their flagship Melbourne event they decided to move to a digital format.

“It’s something we had been considering for a while for reasons of sustainability” says Event Director Cory McCarrick. “Covid forced our hand and The Big Book – Digital Edition has been a huge success for our customers, and their customers too.”

Reed Gift Fairs normally print and mail their Big Book out to around 12,000 of their most loyal buyers however going digital allowed them to distribute it to their entire community of 65,000+ retailers/buyers. 

“This is a huge increase in reach for our exhibitors” explains Cory. “What’s more, The Big Book – Digital Edition is a more dynamic, interactive and engaging experience which includes videos from our exhibitors and content contributors. It gives our readers a chance to engage in the content that they are consuming rather than glance over it.”

At the time of going to press, the Big Book – Digital Edition had been read 18,412 times, and 69% of readers said that they planned to place an order with exhibitors featured, a great result for Reed Gift Fairs’ exhibitors in a tough economic period.

“When we surveyed our community a few weeks later, we found that 81% of the retailers that normally receive the printed Big Book would be happy to receive it as a digital edition going forward” adds Cory. “86% of those surveyed said that they enjoyed the additional features which we are able to include in the digital edition, and it is of course much more sustainable ‒ an eco-friendly solution in the fight against paper-waste and deforestation.”