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Winners 2023

Thank you to everyone who nominated a colleague to our NIMBLE awards in 2023.  Over the course of May and October we received over 600 entries, which is truly a recognition of our RXers bringing our NIMBLE culture to life every day and in every Business Unit.  The judges wanted to especially commend Japan, ISG and GTECH for the quality of their nominations.

And the winners are….

Networked winner...

Sayo Hirano, ISG Japan

Leading ISG Japan team, Sayo demonstrated how to achieve the highest level of networking, utilizing her skills to build the communication bridge between clients and project team, providing extremely valuable information for the development of the project. She is passionate and has a win-win mindset in cross regional team collaboration. She actively links colleagues from various regions and learns successful cases to support project teams seize potential opportunities. Congratulations Say!

Inclusive winner...

Sophie Gilligan, UK

Sophie is amazing at making really strong connections both inside and outside of the business. This has been evident through the year, how she has approached collaborating with other marketing managers to lean upon their experience, and share ideas.  She has also worked very closely with central marketing to entirely refresh the LBF website, supported the sales team and used her prior product marketing experience throughout. Locally, she is always approachable and outgoing, build market connections to support the growth of LBF. Congratulations Sophie!

Magical winner...

Coumba Seck, GTECH France

Coumba has been the driving force behind the most complex and far-reaching business change associated with the Mercury programme: the successful migration of RX France shows but particularly the networking events that have a highly sophisticated reliance on registration and badging given the disproportionately high value of their tickets and the myriad of commercial processes needed to make these events so successful. Coumba has done an incredible job of engaging every single France event team to explain what Mercury can do, to absorb their concerns, relay back ideas to the Mercury team but above all to keep our joint commitments on track. Congratulations Coumba!

Brave winner...

Victor Hogommat, USA

Bravely, Victor relocated from France to the US two years ago, knowing no one and living in a motel.  In his time with us he has grown tremendously with a facility for analyzing strategies, solving problems and seeing opportunities. He is always present when you need him, is always willing to answer your questions and if you don't understand, he finds another way to make it much easier for you. His work ethic is outstanding and his willingness to take risks has helped steer the team to connect with other departments and businesses.  Congratulations Victor!

Love of Learning winner...

Junichi Kondo, Japan

In September 2023, Junichi gave a presentation to all staff at an employee training session, on the theme “How did I learn from marketing ignorance and achieve results?” From his presentation, the team became hyper aware of the importance of marketing knowledge and marketing based sales/promotion activities. He successfully motivated everyone to start learning and change our attitude and behaviors. As he begun to deep dive into understanding customer behavior, he realized that knowledge of statistics was important. So, he studied hard and earned a third-level qualification in statistics which greatly improved the communication between the digital marketing agency and RX.  Finally, he deepened his knowledge of digital marketing and has become a certified web analyst/SEO. Congratulations Junichi!

Entrepreneurial winner...

Philipp Münz, Germany

The needs of our exhibitors are changing - a mere booth is no longer sufficient, additional initiatives  are needed to generate visibility and align with the customer’s goals. Philipp recognized this and led a project group of RX internal experts to create a new format. He took an in-depth look at what exhibitors really wanted and needed, through studies, feedback interviews and an evaluation of common trade show problems. Philipp has proven that he can take both the data-driven approach and lead the constructive collaboration of strong personalities. When new challenges arose, Philipp is committed to finding new solutions and has shown that he can think outside the box to find solutions for our customers.  Congratulations Philipp!

An experienced operation director, Antoine has developed a true passion for making RX France events more sustainable from inception to delivery. He never runs out of ideas for finding ways to lower the carbon footprint of our events and achieves measurable results by working closely with show teams and external providers.

Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s competition.  We received and read 88 submissions from all around the world, and the judges wanted to commend Australia, France and China for the quality of their entries.

And the winners are…

Best Digital Activation at an Event
Joint Winners
Corporate – Colleqt Business Builder and US - Colleqt at Functional Fabric Fair Fall

The judges were impressed by the pilot roll out of Colleqt at Functional Fabric Fair Fall thanks to the tremendous efforts made by the team locally and centrally. Customers and visitors embraced the platform and the teams achieved impressive results by working together to ensure attendees understood the benefits fully.  And they did!

Best Event Less than $25m in revenue
France – RenoDays: The first show 100% dedicated to the energy-efficient housing global renovation and a $2M launch

This launch was a huge success both in terms of customer satisfaction (with an exhibitor NPS of 54) and financially (a $2m revenue and profitable in year 1). Despite the absence of an ED for the last 6 months prior to its opening, the team stepped up to ensure that the event lived up to its sustainability strategy and wowed its customers and visitors with an exceptional show in its first year. Congratulations team!

Event of the year more than $25m in revenue
UK – ATM Trailblazing to success!

This event was truly a full team effort.  They spent time to review the landscape, based on the feedback for their customers.  They analysed and identified the gaps and were bold enough to roll out new initiatives to create greater value for our customers, whilst over-achieving the overall event KPIs. We can’t wait to see what happens at the 2024 event!

Best Marketing & Comms
Australia – All Energy Australia

The All-Energy Team’s focus on extending their reach right across Australia with a primary objective to elevate the event as the leading platform in the southern hemisphere for energy solutions, targeting specific industry segments. They achieved this through a meticulously crafted strategy, integrating data analytics and customer feedback. Their metrics speak volumes: with remarkable increases across the board including an increase of 32.4% in pre-reg, 33.9% increase in unique visitors, 28.03% in unique companies and an impressive 33.05% in overall conversion. Marketing and Communications prowess!

Customer Award
US – DoorDash’s Battle of the Brands 2023 at PAX West

DoorDash's primary goal with Battle of the Brands was to increase brand visibility, foster customer engagement, and build a strong connection with the gaming community. The team successfully elevated the brand’s visibility within the gaming community and beyond, with live-streams across multiple platforms reaching 3.5 Million+ unique viewers and 2 Million+ social media impressions. To date, this is the most successful PAX Arena livestream ever produced.  Awesome!

Operational Excellence
China – Swum across the Mega Events

The RX China Operations Team saw an opportunity to create synergy in the South China market that spanned 7 events organised by 6 stakeholders, supported by government  units, running across 130,000sqm. Engaging around 20 service vendors requires a high level of management, co-ordination and skills without compromising the RX standard and quality, the customer experience and corporate branding. More importantly, The Mega Events took place after National Holidays in China which further compressed the already congested schedule.  A terrific effort!

Unsung Heroes Award
Japan – RX Japan Office Relocation Project

In April 2023, RX Japan moved its office from Shinjuku to a newly built building, opposite Tokyo Station, the largest railway terminal station in Japan. Hiroko and her team launched the office concept as the “Journey to create a new trajectory” and named the office “RX Central Station”. The concept was announced as “RX Central Station is a place where you can concentrate on your work and easily interact with colleagues from other departments. You can welcome a wide variety of people and expect to be in touch with them to start collaborating and creating new business ideas.” And the results are stunning.  Massive shout out to Hiroko Higuchi and Marin, Rio and Momiji for their tremendous efforts in making the dream a reality!

Net Zero Hero Award
France – Pollutec Sustainability in motion!

Pollutec is one of our leading environmental and climate shows, and the team has always believed their duty is to test, invest and implement new behaviour and specific initiatives to match the value proposition. With decisions such as no carpeting across the 35 000sqm floor; offering water fountains to limit plastic bottles, creating a carpooling platform to limit travel by car, an option for hybrid badges, the collection of cigarette butts for energy recovery, and building stands with sustainable materials, the team have demonstrated how it is possible to manage waste, catering and travel sustainably. All this in close partnership with its suppliers, and in a measurable way. A brilliant case study of how our events will look in the future!