Celebrating International Women's Day at RX


Celebrating International Women's Day at RX

In celebration of this year's International Women's Day, we reached out to our RXers around the world to discover why International Women's Day is important and how we are working together at RX to #BreakTheBias.

Why is International Women's Day important to you?

Benedikt Binder-Krieglstein

"Today is a reminder that there is no difference in terms of allowing everyone, independent in terms of gender, age or race to develop their talent, and this is what we stand for"
Benedikt Binder-Krieglstein, CEO RX Austria & Germany

Daisy Wang

"RX is a workplace that recognises the achievements and differences made by women. As a working mother, I feel respected and supported at RX and at home."
Daisy Wang, Procurement Manager, RX China

Alexandra Smyth

"Don’t assume that life will pan out exactly as you plan; when things don’t go as expected, it can actually lead to an even better situation. Most importantly, be yourself, as everyone else is already taken."
Alexandra Smyth, General Counsel

Helen Sheppard

"We need to celebrate women at all levels who are helping to change the status quo and to recognise men as allies who champion, sponsor and mentor women"
Helen Sheppard, Sustainability Director

Michèle Tiley-Hill

"I think it is incredibly important that as we begin to understand more about our diversity and inclusion data we share it wherever possible"
Michèle Tiley-Hill, Chief Financial Officer

Marc Schmitz

"I think it is just awesome to see the development within our business so that women have the same opportunities as men, and men as women, that we are just one big united group"
Marc Schmitz, Portfolio Sales Manager, RX UK

Yancy Weinrich

"I have mentored many women in my career at RX, and have had wonderful mentors myself, including both men and women. It's important that men are allies to us"
Yancy Weinrich, Chief Growth Officer

Chiara Abbate

"As long as there are women frozen in stereotypes thinking they will never reach the positions they strive for, then we will need a specific day to celebrate and promote gender equity. This is not about putting women in leadership positions because they are women, this is about breaking bias."
Chiara Abbate, Digital Innovations Manager, RX Italy

Martina Candillo & Karin Zechner

"Today is a day to remember how important it is to support women in the workplace. In my leadership role, I give women a chance for equal career opportunities"
Martina Candillo, Director Congresses & Events, RX Austria

How RX is working to #BreakTheBias

Ray Rhodes - Global Director of Inclusion and Diversity

"We have lots to celebrate this IWD. 2021 brought us the launch of the Women Connected Employee Resource Group in the US and the Global Gender Equity Committee, with 2022 seeing the launch of Gender Equity Groups in Mexico, France and the UK. I couldn't be prouder"

Gaby Appleton, Executive Sponsor of RX’s Gender Equity Committee

The Gender Equity Committee is one of several Global Diversity Committees which are working to create a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout RX. Discover more about the Gender Equity Committee

"As an industry, we have a unique opportunity to create a rising tide that lifts all boats within the communities we serve. We can do this by making our events safe and inclusive experiences not only for women but for people of all backgrounds"

Toni Piela - Chapter Lead of Women Connected US

Women Connected US is an Employee Resource Group which is now working to maximize the potential of RX Women through mentoring, education, networking and leadership development. Discover more about Women Connected.

"Our official mission is to maximize the potential of women through mentoring, education, networking and leadership development to enable women to build rewarding and sustainable careers, contribute to the success of the organization and make a positive impact on society."

Samantha Martin & Cory McCarrick - Mentoring

"We have had a great mentor relationship at RX over the years. We have learnt a lot from each other and this has helped us both to develop into senior leadership positions at RX."
Samantha Martin, Exhibition Manager & Cory McCarrick - Director, RX Australia

Narumol Thaijanthararak - Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Reed Tradex

"Women and men play a vital role in Reed Tradex so for me it is about promoting safe, friendly and respectful environments for both men and women. I am proud to be a women and I am proud to be at RX"

Jacqueline Williams - Women Connected US ERG member

"As a member of the Women Connected ERG in the US, I am excited to continue to push for equality and to empower her"
Jacqueline Williams, Event Director, RX US

Supporting gender equity at our events

Sarin Bachmann, JCK

The Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) announced its third annual March Is Me Month campaign, an initiative with the goal of empowering women to purchase fine jewelry for themselves. Supported for the second year in a row by the JCK Industry Fund, the campaign was developed in collaboration with more than 30 members of WJA’s Women’s Executive Leadership Forum.

"The JCK Industry Fund is proud to support WJA’s March Is Me Month initiative, as one of our deserving grant recipients, which aims to empower women to purchase fine jewelry for themselves and inspire even greater jewelry demand."
Sarin Bachmann, group vice president for RX Jewelry Group.

Katherine Colin - Paris Photo

"Gender equality is important to Paris Photo. Since 2018 we have partnered with the French Ministry of Culture to promote the recognition and representation of female artists. We have encouraged galleries to present more and more female artists at the fair."
Katherine Colin, RESP. Communication, RX France

Samantha Martin - Mining Portfolio & Cory McCarrick - Gift Portfolio

BCB Brooklyn Team

..A message from Reed Tradex Vietnam

Together we can forge women's equality.

Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.