Florence Dinar - a RELX Hero among many


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people. People like Reed Exhibition UK’s Florence Dinar, who was recently chosen to feature in a global round-up of RELX Heroes.

Florence is just one of many from across RX and our parent company RELX who have been nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond – for each other, our business, our customers and our communities – during these difficult times. Launched in the early days of the crisis, the RELX Heroes initiative now numbers over 200 people, and continues to grow. Florence received a record 14 individual nominations!

Florence is a portfolio business development manager at RX Global, based in Richmond, UK. She has been running exercise sessions twice a week as part of the RX Wellness programme, which is open to everyone across RX Global. She is also conducting regular aerobics sessions for her elderly neighbours from the communal garden where she lives.

“The exercises help our people do a work-out in a safe environment without having to go out and without needing much space. I give tips on posture and I most recently started to post videos online for people who can’t join the sessions during the day. My sessions are fun and I suppose this makes people happy. My older neighbours are following from their balconies and Zoom, it is simply amazing.”

Florence say she is proud to have been nominated as a RELX Hero. “I am touched that people value my input during this difficult time. I am so grateful to all the people who nominated me and, therefore, showed me their kindness. I think RX Global has a real knack of hiring wonderful, dedicated and talented people who have supported me in doing this. The groups I am involved with at work feel like families to me – we work well together, in the good times and the bad. We never give up and we support each other. I am very lucky.”