Future leaders emerge from Harvard Partnership


We talk to Lynne McCormick, RX Global Head of Talent, about RX Global’ Emerging Leaders Programme, and hear from some of the managers who are reaping the benefits.

Developed in partnership with Harvard Business Publishing, the Emerging Leaders Programme is part of a global RELX initiative to offer employees access to better quality, more consistent and more modern training and career development opportunities.

Lynne co-led the programme’s development along with colleagues from the Talent Development CoE drawing on input from all four RELX divisions. “We wanted a cutting-edge programme that could be rolled out at scale, so opted for a fully virtual learning experience” she says. “And thank goodness we made that decision as we have been able to run the programme without interruption through COVID in all parts of the world.”

Engaging and thought-provoking

Lynne joined RX Global last October, having previously worked at RELX as Head of Performance, Talent and Leadership, and was responsible for launching the ELP across RX Global in March. Thirty nine managers from 11 countries have since completed the eight week ‘sprint’ programme which combines on-demand modules with live virtual sessions led by Harvard facilitators.

“It’s a really engaging and thought provoking blend of asynchronous and live learning which includes business simulations, breakout groups and personal coaching. It takes around 90 minutes per week and can be fitted around your daily workflow – something all our participants so far have really appreciated” explains Lynne. “Participants also have access to the Harvard Business Review and podcasts and, on completion, receive a digital ELP accreditation badge, issued by Harvard Business Publishing, which they can use on their social platforms.”

“I was lucky enough to be selected to complete the Emerging Leaders Cohort 2 course this year and I am so thankful I got this opportunity” says Samantha Marketing & Industry Liaison Manager, Australia. “The course integrated a mixture of online classes, self-learning modules and supplementary material that helped me hone my skills to not only become a strong and successful leader but also helped me map out a blueprint for my own professional growth.”

Developing skills, and networks 

Another key benefit, which is a great by-product of the programme, is the opportunity to build networks with other participants across RELX which may help with your future development and career. This is something recent UK participant Hannah Ware found incredibly useful. “One of the most beneficial areas for me, is the chance to listen to other leaders within RELX. I am often inside the RX bubble and it’s been invaluable for me to learn more about RELX and to expand my network with likeminded leaders within our business.”

For Anne-Laure Janvier, the ELP was an intense and highly beneficial experience.  “The Emerging Leaders Programme challenges you to think hard about yourself and really explore the depths of personal insecurities as well as strengths. There’s also this unique dynamic when you bring 100 different managers over 40 countries together. You create a safe space in which to open yourself up to the learning. Following the program during the coronavirus outbreak was a great opportunity. It has made me more confident and helped me to manage my emotions leading to better outcomes.”

“The Emerging Leader Program identified new ways of managing people at the highest level with efficiency in mind” says Ricky Grasso, Marketing Manager, USA. “The session leaders showcased best practices through a variety of tools; from quizzes, to polls and other interactive activities. It forced me and my fellow participants to engage with each other while expanding our knowledge of the subject at hand. It was a valuable experience.”

“It is not easy being a leader, especially so in today’s world” reflects Suhaimi Sainy, Senior Manager, Singapore. “There are many stakeholders in any organization and sometimes interests are not always aligned. One of the biggest takeaways from this course was on managing and aligning the various interests in a way that allows people to still feel that they played an important role in the decisions that were taken.”