The inside story on working in event sales

RX’s global sales team is among the most diverse and experienced in the business, working across 43 sectors in 22 countries. So, if you want the inside story on a career in event sales, there’s no one better to ask!  

"Working as part of an event sales team allows you to explore endless opportunities with your clients. The best advice I can share with someone new to the role is to take time to clearly understand your client’s objectives, and then use this information to build the best event solution for their specific needs."  
Kelly Bugallo, Key Account Manager, Brazil

"I am fascinated by AI, and learning a lot about it from RX, which is doing really exciting things with technology to enhance the customer experience at our B2B and B2C shows. Working across a wide portfolio of events, and meeting with so many different people, I am developing a clear understanding of how to create a greater synergy between RX and our customers by delivering specific exhibit packages tailored to their needs." 
Jaeyun Kim, Sales Director, Korea

"What I love most about working in event sales is when it’s time to execute on site and successfully bring your event to life. Nothing can match the brain rush you get…the fulfilment…it’s a feeling I can't do without."  
Sam Thabang, Sales Co-ordinator, South Africa
"As a sales manager, I enjoy seeing my fellow team members succeed in providing their customers with the best solutions for their business, and navigating through the obstacles to get there. The best part of my job is to ensure the sales team has what they need to cultivate this success, to collaborate as needed, and then to get out of the way." 
Keith Davis, Sales Manager, USA
"My greatest sales achievement is becoming a good friend of my customers and helping them to discover valuable business opportunities through our face to face events and online services. I always try to keep right up to date with the changing market trends at home and abroad, and to familiarise my customers with them, so that they can take advantage and enter new markets more quickly."  
Tarry Yang, Assistant Sales Manager, China
"Every year I am thrilled and keen to be onsite and see and meet my clients face-to-face. The relationship you get to build with them throughout the journey of organising and witnessing the fruit of your labour taking place is truly a magical feeling." 
Marylou Tancio, Sales Manager, UK