New White Paper: COVID-19 and How It’s Changing the Event Industry 


RX Global has released its first White Paper on ‘COVID-19 and How It’s Changing the Event Industry’, highlighting findings from its COVID-19 Customer Needs and Mindset Barometer.

Involving nearly 3,000 exhibitors and over 9,000 attendees across 201 events and 17 RX Global offices, the Barometer reveals insights into the key concerns and behaviours of exhibitors and visitors, and tracks their changing attitudes to physical events and digital event technology over time.  

Among key findings, the White Paper reveals: 

  • How Covid is changing consumer behaviour towards digital technology 
  • Which digital event tools are of the greatest interest to visitors 
  • How increased familiarity with event technology is driving engagement and demand 
  • How exhibitor and visitor belief in the value of in-person events hasn’t changed 
  • Why digitally augmented events are here to stay 

 “When the scale of the global pandemic became clear in early February, there was little in the way of formal, comparable data to help the events industry understand its immediate and longer term impact on our customers, our events and our global marketplace” says Layla Northern, Global Head of Digital Customer Insights at RX Global.  

“The research which commenced in June 2020, is helping RX Global to evolve our technology and services in response to COVID-19 and changing customer needs. Through this White Paper, we are also pleased to share valuable industry insights into how we might reshape our events to our customers’ advantage, and fuel long-term growth in the future,” she explains. 

Click here to download the White Paper.