Proud Experiences stands up for trans rights 


As the organiser of LGBTQ-focused travel event PROUD Experiences, RX Global has joined with over 130 organisations across the UK to stand up for trans equality.   

RX has become a signatory to the new campaign ‘Trans Rights are Human Rights’ launched on 14th September by Stonewall, Britain’s leading charity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality. Aviva, BP, CITI, Disney, Expedia, Microsoft and Sky are among the other leading UK employers who have added their names to a public statement to say trans rights are human rights, and highlight their support for trans colleagues, employees and customers. 

PROUD Experiences, first held in the UK in 2018, is a ground breaking event for the global travel industry focusing on a sector that is valued at some US$218billion.  In support of trans communities the event also pioneered the modern trans power family when both Hannah and Jake Graf attended the event to talk to the travel industry about the power of the LGBTQ $.  They are the first UK transgender couple to have a baby and they will feature on an upcoming episode of the PROUD Experiences podcast on www.proudexperiences.com

Speaking at the launch of ‘Trans Rights are Human Rights’, Nancy Kelley, Chief Executive, Stonewall said: “We’re proud of all the business leaders who today are ‘coming out’ for trans equality. All these companies are sending a powerful message to trans communities that leading businesses have their backs. Across the UK, corporate leaders are speaking up because they care about protecting and supporting their trans colleagues, customers, friends and family”. 

“At a time when trans rights feel increasingly under threat, the diversity of all these businesses taking part today shows there is a wealth of support for trans people at the most senior levels of British industrial and cultural life. But we can’t be complacent. If we want to live in a world where every trans person can be themselves, each of us must use our voice to challenge transphobia and take action to create more inclusive communities.”