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NORWALK, CT (September 30, 2020) – RX Global, a leading event organizer, today announces the launch of the Natural Disaster & Emergency Management brand, a new trade event and digital resource dedicated to the preparation, response, and recovery of physical and human assets of public and private organizations.

The Natural Disaster & Emergency Management (NDEM) Expo and NDEM Digital brand is a comprehensive trade event and year-round digital platform dedicated to helping organizations gain knowledge, discover the tools, and connect with professionals to ensure that organizations are prepared for an uncertain future, all while maintaining operational continuity and ensuring public safety in an ever-changing world.

The first edition of NDEM Expo will take place November 17-18, 2021 in conjunction with the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC) East at the Jacob Javits Center, in New York City. NDEM Digital, the accompanying year-round resource for safety and security professionals, will kick off this October with the Prepare. Respond. Recover. Podcast. The podcast will be available for download on the NDEM website, all major podcast platforms, and at www.sitchradio.com.

“The year has been incredibly challenging between severe storms in the New York Metro area, hurricanes in the gulf coast, and wildfires in the West. Preparing for and responding to these events have been complicated even more by the COVID-19 Pandemic,” said Jon Fontane, Event Director. “The launch of the NDEM Expo and Digital brands could not be timelier for the industry to use as a valuable resource and source of collaboration.”

According to RX Global Group Vice President Will Wise, “Natural Disaster & Emergency Management Expo will be a strong complement to ISC East next November in NYC. Security and public safety professionals need to collaborate closely with emergency management teams and government leaders to prepare and respond effectively to critical response situations. And, with the NDEM Digital community, we’re looking forward to establishing a community that addresses all key geographies, from the Northeast to the Gulf of Mexico states and the Western region.”

Both the digital and on-site event programming are, in part, being organized in partnership with the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at the Earth Institute, Columbia University, which works to understand and improve the nation’s capacity to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

About National Disaster & Emergency Management:

Natural Disaster & Emergency Management (NDEM) is a comprehensive trade event and online resource dedicated to the preparation, response, and recovery of physical and human assets of public and private organizations. NDEM will help your organization gain the knowledge, discover the tools, and connect with the individuals necessary to make your organization more secure and resilient, all while minimizing operational disruptions and ensuring public safety in this ever-changing world.


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