Russia looks forward to returning ‘home’


As soon as RX Global Russia started working from home, many of us quickly came to realise that the office is not just a workspace but a big part of our lives. It’s strange to start the day without a cup of coffee and a chat with colleagues, and to eat lunch alone when you could be catching up with someone from another department. We realized we were really missing each other.  

Many of us were posting on Instagram about how we were sharing dinners and watching TV shows together via video calls. And so a group of energized collaborators decided to put together a video to illustrate that we are more than just colleagues, and that Reed is our shared ‘home from home’. That’s how the hashtag #reedmyhome was born.

We invited the whole RX Russia team to participate in this ‘flash mob’ by sharing their hobbies and what’s empowering them under lockdown. We prepared a storyline focusing on our desire to be a single community again, but didn’t show it to any of the ‘actors’ in its entirety. We sent a small fragment of the script to each contributor (individual or group), with a description of the action, time of the day and emotions to be placed on the screen, as well as a small technical brief.

The video clips were then edited together and in a week the results were revealed. We sent the video to the whole team along with #reedmyhome wallpapers, which can be installed on their desktop and uploaded as a background in Teams meetings. 

We have received such an emotional wave of feedback. It was a sincere joy to realise that the distance between us means absolutely nothing and that we can (and obviously, really want) to be close to each other again. It’s all because of #reedmyhome.

Ruslan Abdrakhmanov is Marketing & Digital Director for RX Global Russia.