RX Africa is empowering future leaders


With 70% of its employees being women, RX Africa has a keen interest in developing female learners and assisting them to ultimately find their place in the workplace. 

For this reason, RX Africa supports 18twenty8, an award-winning, women-led NGO dedicated to empowering women and their communities. This year, through 18twenty8, RX Africa provided bursaries to Lebato Mahlase and Rethabile Matane to help them further their tertiary education. 



Do not be discouraged by anyone. Stand tall and strive for excellence.  

Lebato, from Marishane, Limpopo, began her BA Psychology degree in 2020. Lebato says her studies will enable her to give back to her community. “What I love most about this field of study is that I will be able to help people, regardless of their race and other differences.”  

She passed all eight of her first-year subjects - four with distinctions. This is no surprise as her achievements at high school include winning silver in the Eskom Young Scientists Expo and participating in the Sciences and Mathematics Olympiads. 

Her advice to young learners would be: “Grab every opportunity that comes your way. Work smart and hard and doors will open for you”. 

Be willing to read and research as much as possible – knowledge is power 

Noting the positive impact on her life and studies the bursary will have, Rethabile says it makes a huge difference to her and her family. “I thank RX Africa for its generosity. This opportunity means less financial burden for me, allowing me to just focus on my studies.  

Rethabile is working toward a career in public finance. “I want to make a real difference in people’s lives. This is why I chose to study for my advanced diploma in public finance at Tshwane University of Technology. The public sector can create inclusivity for all. We have public schools, hospitals, housing and other initiatives that can be accessed by those in need,” she says.  

Reflecting on her studies, Rethabile encourages other young women to constantly look out for opportunities. “Get out of your comfort zone, learn more and make contacts wherever you go.” 


“Our vision is of a South Africa in which girls and young women are educated and empowered to lead. Improving skills through enrolling for programmes, courses and reading across a range of different topics changes women’s lives for the better,” says Refiloe Seseane, 18twenty8 founder. 

RX Africa involvement has gone a long way to support this vision. “We continually seek out opportunities to work with charities that develop and create opportunities to improve lives. It is our hope that 18twenty8 continues to grow from strength to strength,” says Janine Smit, HR portfolio director at RX Africa.