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RX Global Announces Global Race Relations Committee and Initiatives

Following the appointment of Ron Walden as the RX Global Global Executive Sponsor for Race, Reed Exhibition is proud to announce that the following individuals have been named to the RX Global inaugural Global Race Relations Committee:

  • Yasmin Amin: Content & Community Executive, RX United Kingdom

  • Devon DeAngelo: Social Media Manager, RX France

  • Alan John: Global Process Manager, RX United Kingdom

  • Milton Montaque: Director, Projects and Innovation, RX Americas

  • Maria Perez-Belliere: Global Sales Director, RX MIDEM France

  • Alinne Rosa: Group Vice President, Human Resources, RX Americas

  • Jessica L. Weinstein: Executive Assistant & Project Manager, RX Americas (Chair)

The RX Global Race Committee will address three specific areas of inclusion and diversity:

1) People, who make up RX Global’ employees

2) Community, which makes up the charitable outreach component of the Business in the Community Race at Work Charter

3) Business, the vendors that we do business with, the exhibitors who attend our shows, the attendees who visit our shows.

Commenting on the Committee, Ron Walden said, “I am so excited by this team that we’ve assembled, each with their own dynamic skill set and diverse point of view.  Our work is focused on lifting Black and ethnic minority people in our company, our community and through our events, to fully participate, prosper, and reach their potential.  Today, we have a very real opportunity to make a positive impact and lasting change in the areas we have identified.  Inherent in all that we do is the goal that our results benefit the industry and serve as a model to build even more diversity and inclusion company-wide, for instance, regarding gender, sexual orientation, and people with disabilities.

We pledge to update all our partners and stakeholders on our progress as we implement our action plans.”

The initiatives the Committee will focus on include, among others:

  1. Leadership: Commitment and Accountability.  Analyze the current state data sets of Black and ethnic minority employee representation in order to make concrete recommendations for increased representation across all areas and levels.

  2. People: Developing Our Talent.  Create formal programs to increase representation of Black and ethnic minority employees at all levels over the next 3 years,  and provide continuous professional development and advancement.

  3. Community: Investing in Where We Live and Where We Host Our Events. We will donate $1M over the next 5 years in support of Black and ethnic minority educational and  professional development opportunities in the exhibitions industry.

  4. Business: Growth and Industry Best Practices.  Consider ‘start up’ zones for all of our shows.  Promote the employment of diverse people for our temporary resource needs during our events.  Work with our largest partners that benefit the most from our operational spend; share with them our commitment to achieve parity in the distribution of our spend and work with industry organizations to share best practices that promote Inclusivity & Diversity initiatives and outcomes

Hugh Jones, Global CEO for RX Global, said, “The Committee’s task is to implement the initiatives we have identified in order to create meaningful, enduring changes that align with RX Global’ strategic priorities and values. 

By casting a spotlight on the complex problems of racial injustice, inequity, and bias worldwide, the RX Global Race Relations Committee will work to harness the power of our people’s diverse perspectives to initiate long lasting innovative solutions across our organization and in the communities where we work and host our events.”


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