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RX Global’ STANDout launches COVID safeguard range

RX Global has developed a comprehensive range of COVID-19 safeguards and precautionary measures to help organisers and venues ensure the safety of their customers as trade exhibitions and events reopen for business. 

The COVID safeguard range has been developed by STANDout, a subsidiary of RX Global in Austria, where it leads the market in the design, manufacture and installation of exhibitions stands and related products and materials.

STANDout is bringing to bear over 44-years of experience in the international exhibition industry in its extensive new range of products intended to safeguard the health and wellbeing of those who attend Reed Exhibition’s events. 

The range includes:

•    Public health, informative and directive signage that can be adapted to best suit those countries in which Reed Exhibition’s operates in 

•    Hygiene measures such as sanitising stations and a range of gel, face mask and glove dispensers

•    Physical distancing and crowd management measures including barriers, screens and shielding that can be adapted to individual settings   

The range is being made available to all RX Global event teams who are deploying COVID-19 safeguards in line with the company’s recently published framework on ‘RX Global Events in the New Normal’, a robust programme of measures to support the health and safety of all attendees and employees.

The COVID Safeguard range is also available to third party organisers.

Download the STANDout COVID-19 Safeguard Catalogue.