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RX Mexico revs up for 2024 after making a notable economic impact and demonstrating social commitment in its events.

  • The global impact of the meetings industry is reflected in the generation of over 10 million direct jobs and produces a staggering $1.3 trillion in economic output.

Mexico City, February 8, 2024.- On January 31st, RX México unveiled the outlook for the year to all its collaborators during its kick-off event for the Mexico office. Goals for 2024 and the next three years were presented, as well as the summary of the achievements in 2023. As a global leader in business events, RX (Reed Exhibitions) continues to strengthen its position by hosting 11 top-tier events in the meetings and exhibitions industry in the country over the past year.

Throughout the year, the Mexico unit fostered strong business relationships in collaboration with its clients and attendees, attracting the interest of key professionals in various industries across the country. Notably, there were over 70,000 attendees, around 12,000 one-on-one business meetings, and approximately 2,000 exhibiting companies, all choosing RX events as key drivers of commerce in their respective sectors.

Economic Impact:

"We had a good year, and we are just getting started with everything we can accomplish in the next 3 years. We continue to work diligently to positively impact the business connection between visitors and exhibitors. Additionally, we have investment plans in product development and technology to create even more opportunities for our clients," says Luiz Bellini, General Director of RX México.

Commitment to inclusion and diversity:
RX not only stood out for its commercial achievements but also for its commitment to inclusion and diversity. Within each event, the company drove cause-driven actions, supporting initiatives such as the John Langdon Down Foundation, La Cana, and others, through its "Cause Pavilions," thereby adding a distinctive touch when it comes to business creation. Leveraging the large industry turnout, RX reached diverse audiences and contributed to positive changes in our country, which in turn have a global impact. The company achieved 383 hours of volunteering both within and outside its events.

Female leadership:
This year, RX has strongly supported the promotion of female leadership both in the industries it operates in and within its own organization. The Women's Panels at the National Hardware Expo were just the beginning, as they are proud to report that 80% of internal leadership is represented by women.

Regarding this issue, Marcela Güido, Director of Marketing and New Business at RX, expresses: "It is a privilege to be part of a company that prioritizes diversity in all its forms, not just gender. Currently, we see a significant push in creating opportunities and support for highly talented women, allowing them to enhance their experience and professional trajectory. I see it every day with my teams as well; this approach not only benefits women but also contributes to the growth of all of us."

Change in management and Focus in the short and long term.
How a new management can accelerate the growth of opportunities for individuals, clients, and drive business generation. During this "kick off," the technological impact of RX on the exhibition industry was also presented, positioning Mexico within RX's global focus as the business unit with the highest technology penetration, as well as the outlook towards the upcoming editions of 2024.


Editions for 2024:
With all of this, the benefit will be for everyone: employees, clients, partners, and visitors. Luiz Bellini states that each of RX's events already has solid strategies for the next year, and not only that, but their plans come with a strong sense of growth and expansion in the country. "Mexico, as a country, has a unique opportunity for economic growth in the coming years due to the nearshoring theme, mainly. It is up to us, with the mission of connecting businesses, to continue on the positive path of this context and to help in job creation and drive the country's development."

Within RX Mexico's portfolio, the following events are included: Expo Seguridad México and Expo Seguridad Industrial (Security and law enforcement industry; April 16-18, 2024), IBTM Américas (Meetings and tourism industry; August 21-22, 2024)Top Flotillas and LOGEX (Automotive transport and logistics industry; September 3-5, 2024), Expo Nacional Ferretera and Fastener Fair México(Construction, hardware, and electricity industry; September 5-7, 2024), InfosecurityECSE (Cybersecurity and e-commerce industry; October 22-23, 2024), Expo Farmacias y Cuidado Personal(Pharmaceutical and self-care industry; October 16-17, 2024), Expo Beauty Show (Beauty industry; November 3-5, 2024).

"In 2023, we witnessed a significant recovery across various industries. Our events returned to 2019 levels with extraordinary enthusiasm and participation from exhibitors and visitors. In 2024, we are preparing to surpass this growth and continue building and strengthening business communities that collectively drive Mexico's development. We are proud of this positive impact and will continue working to build platforms and events that enable business creation for all our clients, visitors, and allies," stated Mauricio Barrón, Portfolio Director of RX México.


According to the analysis conducted by the PEiiR LATAM Meetings Industry Barometer, there has been continuous growth for 13 consecutive bimesters. “According to the study, these results confirm the strength and constant recovery of the sector, serving as a testimony to the resurgence and resilience of the Meetings Industry in the LATAM region” finally declared Luiz Bellini..



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