Spotlight on... Lee Allen, Marketing Manager, UK



1. What personal achievement are you most proud of?

For someone who was on crutches from a knee injury just six weeks before, running the London Marathon in a fairly decent time (3hr40) has to be up there. As I was running for charity and had raised lots in sponsorship, I decided to do all I could and give it a go, even if I had to walk it!  Somehow, I managed to get around the course (undoubtedly thanks to the crowds). Dedication, determination and perhaps a bit of stupidity got me through in the end. Crossing that finish line was very emotional and an amazing feeling.

2. If you only had one album to play which one would it be?

Oasis – What’s the Story Morning Glory. There are very few albums that can define an entire generation, but this became one of those albums of the Britpop era, delivering tracks of pure rock ‘n’ roll brilliance. Turn it up loud.

3. What recent podcast would you recommend?

That Peter Crouch Podcast – for some light-hearted football based fun and entertainment. Offering real insights on what it is like to be a professional footballer, he covers dressing rooms, transfers, managers, confessions, and other details of the beautiful game. We’ve all needed some light entertainment in the last year during those endless lockdown walks and this certainly hits the mark for any footy fan.

4. What country would you travel to if you could go anywhere?

As someone well-travelled, being able to go anywhere abroad right now would be good, but certainly the Inca trails in Peru still remain high on my bucket list. Ever since learning about the Incas at a young age in school I’ve wanted to visit Machu Picchu. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most iconic vistas in the world

5. What is the biggest work challenge you face right now?

Scenario planning in the face of uncertainty. With our physical events planned, postponed then offered virtually, there has been lots of additional planning to ensure we continue to offer value to our customers and industries we serve in such unprecedented times.

6. How do you see the future of events, post pandemic?

I think we will continue to see a convergence of digital and physical. To the power of face-to-face events we can now offer added value through new digital event solutions. As marketeers, we will need to get closer to our customers, with greater emphasis on research and understanding of all customer segments, so that we can deliver branded solutions year-round, to complement our physical events. With my sustainability hat on, I expect all future events to explore more sustainable ways of working. We must all strive to be greener, and create a positive impact and influence through our educational content, and by showcasing sustainable exhibitor solutions in the industries we serve.

7. What makes you proud to work at RX?

Undoubtedly delivering on a live show makes me proud. The buzz of the live event is like nothing else ‒ from that nervous energy in the build-up before, after a years’ worth of planning, selling, and marketing, to the euphoric feeling of the show finishing, knowing you have successfully delivered for your industry and customers. It’s almost like the feeling of crossing the marathon finish line!