Supporting our venue workers in São Paulo


RX Global has joined together with its biggest competitors in Brazil to support the families of more than 1,000 venue workers who rely on our events for their income.

In normal times, the safe and efficient running of exhibitions is dependent on teams of outsourced security guards, receptionists, cleaners and general labourers who are not under contract, but paid by the day. With the exhibition halls in São Paulo currently lying empty, many are suffering financial hardship.

To highlight the importance of this workforce, and help them through the crisis, RX Global, Informa Markets and Nürnberg Messe have joined forces under the banner ‘Together for those who make it happen.’

Employees are being encouraged to donate part of their food and meal vouchers, and to make cash donations through the campaign website. The goodwill has spread amongst family, friends and industry partners who have joined the cause – among them Instituto Center Norte, Cava, Cidtech, Envetherm, JA, PA7, Propórtio, SLC, Tau Joy and Track.

Within a month of the campaign launch in early April, enough funding had been raised to assemble  over 1,000 food parcels – equivalent to 9 tons of food! The parcels were distributed to the families on 30 April at the Center Norte and Transamerica expo centres which provided the space voluntarily. Needless to say, the entire process was carried out in accordance with strict hygiene and safety regulations.

And the campaign will go on, as long it takes for our events to return to their venues. If you would like to support the workers who make our events happen, visit the campaign website to make a donation.