Thank you for the music!


Take four guys from our Brazilian office, put them in lockdown, and what do you get? A virtual band – and the promise of Better Days Forever!

Going by the name of “Home Office” this gang of four are Mauro Vaskevicius on bass, Carlos Abreu on vocals and guitar, Ricardo Barbosa, on guitar and Hicaro Lima on drums. They have already recorded two songs on home video to help lift our spirits, with the promise of more. So how did the project come together?

“We all shared an interest and taste in music and playing was something we talked about in the office corridor, or at parties, but always in an informal way” explains Mauro. “Social isolation seemed to strengthen the desire so we set up a WhatsApp group to talk about how we might do it. We all submitted a set list with music ideas and chose our first song – Better Days Forever ‒ because the lyrics seemed so hopeful for this time. It’s by a Brazilian band called “Jota Quest”.

The band have since recorded ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen which has a similar positive message and which everyone will recognise. “It’s a big challenge recording everything remotely, editing it and putting the parts together, but our passion for music and desire to play together for the #PeopleofReed” have spurred us on” says Mauro.

“We would love to play together physically when this is all over, and continue recording new videos” adds Carlos. “In fact we are getting quite addicted to it. So stay tuned!”

Check out the band singing Better Days Forever and Don’t Stop me now.