Mobile ticketing solution wins innovation award


Sometimes solutions are so obvious everyone misses them. RX Global India Marketing Lead Siddharth Narain, however, took notice. In an effort to reduce onsite registration queues, Siddharth had an idea to transform the customer experience by integrating WhatsApp into the registration process. India is the largest market for WhatsApp reaching 400 million users in 2019, so it was already being used by show attendees.

WhatsApp M-Tickets made their debut at IndiaCorr Expo 2019, India’s largest event for the corrugated packaging industry. Attendees received their unique M-Tickets via the instant messaging tool. On arrival at the show, they could print off their badges at self-service kiosks, bypassing registration lines. The results were impressive with 78% of registered visitors opting to use the service.

Since replicated across all RX Global events in India, the mobile ticketing solution has proved to be a game changer, drastically reducing attendees’ waiting times on show entrance, and delivering their tickets right on their mobile devices.

Considering the evolving needs of customers and the need for contact-less registration due to Covid, the product fits well into the “new normal” and the “new future” of the events industry.

Siddarth has been awarded the RELX Innovation Honour Roll for his achievement. Presented for  innovations developed within, and used by, the global organisation, the award is designed to reflect not only the final outcome, but the innovators’ individual effort and the process by which they achieved their end goal.

Reflecting on Siddharth’s Innovation Honour, Ade Allenby, Global Head of Data and Digital Innovation at RX Global said: “Siddharth consistently leads his small team to achieve results way beyond their size, and this is a fine example.”